Our Story

Rypple was founded by Ashley and Nicki, two sisters whose bond and passion for simple, nurturing body care products has stretched across opposite sides of the planet.

Rypple Founders Nicki Van Veen and Ashley Van VeenDespite 10,000 miles of ocean between us for more than 10 years, we have always had the ability to talk openly, listen respectfully, and delve into the kind of deeper conversations that sisters can have.

As our lives and careers took different turns, our bond deepened through a commitment to care for our planet and give back to our communities, instilled in us from early on in our childhood.

At her core Nicki has always been driven to leave things better than she found them. From a young age she took to heart the Girl Scout Law to “make the world a better place” and couldn’t possibly leave a hike in the mountains without picking up extra trash along the way. As the oldest and some might say bossiest sister, there was the time Nicki successfully campaigned their mom over the course of 1992 to stop getting paper bags at the grocery store, favoring plastic instead (yikes – that didn’t age well!).

Ashley felt that same pull to leave things better than she found them, and propelled this belief into action with a sense of urgency through her career. Never settling for doing the same thing as everyone else, Ashely created opportunities to do things differently. Like the time she leveraged her buying power as an executive in the food and beverage industry to convince a major multinational corporation (who shall remain nameless…) to bottle water in aluminum cans as an infinitely recyclable alternative to plastic bottles.

So over 10+ years, 10,000 miles, and way too many long conversations to count, we watched the world around us and felt more and more that we couldn’t wait for someone else to solve the problems for us. That if we combined our experience and passion, we could do something more to be part of the solutions, not just the talk, to heal our planet.

And from this urgency to act NOW, Rypple was born.

Rypple’s mission is to care for the planet with the same commitment that we care for ourselves.

We’re starting with one small action, creating sustainable shampoo and conditioner products that maximize natural and organic ingredients. We’re striving to create a positive Rypple effect – on everyday self-care, on the beauty industry, and on the planet.

Every time you purchase a Rypple product you are taking one small and powerful action for our planet, and yourself. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for joining together with us to create a powerful Rypple effect!

- Ashley and Nicki